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Sprint Preferred Retailer Wireless Lifestyle Saves $2 Million Annually With ThinkLP

“ThinkLP is critical to the success of the organization, and the future growth of the company.” – Ross Campbell, Loss Prevention at Wireless Lifestyle

As one of the largest Sprint Preferred Retailers in the U.S., Wireless Lifestyle provides sales and service of Sprint devices. Founded in 2004 by brothers Paul and Mike Kushnir, the retailer has expanded from four stores in Kansas City, to 160 stores in eight states. With their rapid growth, it was difficult to get policies and solutions in place to mitigate loss, and ensure the continued success of the loss control initiatives. As such, there was a strong need to find a solution that would track more than 30,000 device sales every month completed by more than 1,000 employees. With this need, Ross Campbell (Loss Prevention at Wireless Lifestyle) was tasked with identifying areas where the biggest losses were occurring, and finding resources to manage issues in those areas.

Prior to implementing ThinkLP, the Loss Prevention team was relying on Microsoft Access. While this solution was feasible at first, it wasn’t scalable. As Ross Campbell says, “it was nearly impossible to use the existing reports and tools to view the big picture, or to get granular. We needed a way to quickly identify and address issues in the field, to notify managers of those issues, and to correct them within the required deadlines. Extracting the needed data and reports from the Microsoft Access database was a time-consuming and manual task, making it very difficult for the team to determine where losses were happening, and to act quickly.”

As both the company and the Loss Prevention team grew, the need for a more manageable and reliable system increased. After assessing some homegrown options, as well as other third-parties offering solutions at a higher expense, Ross Campbell says choosing ThinkLP was easy. “The ThinkLP solution provided everything we needed and more, and replaced the need to hire 2-3 more people.”

Under the direction of CFO Dave Chaffin, LP Manager Ilya Mazel, Ross Campbell and Matt Swymeler, the team at Wireless Lifestyle was up and running with ThinkLP in a month. They’re now using the solution for case management, compliance issue resolutions, notifications, metrics management and reporting. They were able to quickly gain valuable insight into where losses were occurring, and were able to develop and improve their procedures. Within one loss control area there has been a 72% reduction in non-compliance resulting in more than $1 million in annualized savings. Coupled with automated compliance management processes, they’ve significantly reduced the time and effort spent handling incidents in the field, allowing the team to spend time on proactive initiatives. And with the easily configurable and customizable dashboards, the executive team can access the data, and quickly see what’s happening in the Loss Prevention department.

According to Ross Campbell, “Our Return on Investment was immediate. ThinkLP has become critical to the department, allowing us to proactively regain revenue, address issues, and reduce losses by $2 million annually.”

Saves 150 hours per week

Quantifiable productivity improvements save the team 150 hours every week, allowing time to work on proactive loss prevention initiatives

$2 million saved annually

Direct annualized financial savings of $2 million

Awesome Insights

Easily configurable dashboards and at-a-glance reports provided insights and forecasting abilities

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