Beautiful Reports & Dashboards

Beautiful Dashboards

Powerful and customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your data. Subscribe to dashboard components to be updated when thresholds are crossed. Drilldown by any field to find the details you’re looking for.

Build Your Own Reports & Dashboards

Create reports you’ve always wanted, add highlights and graphs, publish reports with built-in drill-down capabilities, and do it all easily with point-and-click simplicity.

Awesome Data Visualizations

Visualize your data the way it’s meant to be seen — horizontally, vertically, on a gauge, plot, donut, and so much more. Watch your data animate in front of your eyes and click on any bar, line or slice to dig deep into your data.

Take Action from your Analysis

Collaborate on your Data

Find something interesting in your data that you want to share? Have a question about your data that you’d like to ask your co-workers? Easily collaborate, in-context, around your data and drive continuous improvement in your organization.

Location Map

View your locations on a Google Map, color coded according to shrink level. Click on a store to view outstanding investigations and case values, and track all activities associated with the location.

See Your Reports Everywhere

Create your reports once and use them everywhere: by themselves, on a dashboard, on a home page, on your location profiles, on your mobile device, and more!

Gain Insights Easily

Make Dashboard Components Stand Out

Make your data stand out by changing the background and color theme of important dashboard components. The contrasting color scheme on your dashboard can really make your data pop.

Dashboards In Your Inbox

Receive a snapshot of your dashboard automatically and never be caught with out-of-date information at your weekly 8am senior executive meeting again.

Security-Conscious Reports

Security is baked into everything we do, so when your reports with multiple data columns is viewed by a user who is not allowed to see one of those columns, they will still see the reports but without that column. This allows you to create a standard report and publish it across profiles without security concern.

Enterprise-Friendly Capabilities

Custom Views

Easily create custom views of your data for quick access, such as “Recent Investigations” or “High Value Cases”. Customize the fields and filters used in the view, and keep the view private or publish it so others can take advantage of your genius.

Multiple Hierarchies

Work in a complex organizations with multiple hierarchies? Does Operations, LP and HR all have different roll-up hierarchies? We support that!

Custom Link Your Dashboard Components

Need to display data to your users inside ThinkLP, but need to drive them to an internal or other web site for them to take further action? Custom link your dashboard components so your users can take action anywhere.

Keep Your Reports Organized

We work with lots of large organizations that have hundreds of reports. Keep all your reports organized in folders and subfolders so you can easily keep on top of your report library.