Risk & Safety

Run your safety program on ThinkLP’s powerful & intelligent platform.

Drive continual safety improvement by capturing accidents, conducting root cause analysis, and creating OSHA reports right in ThinkLP!

Capture Accidents, Incidents, and Near Misses

  • Submit accident and injury reports onsite or auto-import incidents from your insurer.
    • Track lost time and leave of absence, capture behavior-based safety observations.
      • Report on costs and safety statistics to drive continual safety improvement.

      Conduct Safety Audits

      • Record safety observations, monitor safety inspections, and safety audit results for each of your locations.
        • Create and manage tasks and action plans to ensure your employees and customers stay safe.

        “No one is an OSHA expert, unless they are an actual OSHA specialist. The ThinkLP case management product has the depth of information to guide folks through the steps OSHA needs to be compliant, without them having to be an expert.”

        – Fortune 500 Sporting Goods Retailer

        Create and Submit OSHA Reports

        • Capture requirements for OSHA reporting and highlight where your team is non-compliant to quickly address issues and avoid fines.
          • Create documents for direct submission to OSHA.
            • View location safety rates, summary reports, submission readiness, and more by location or in aggregate.

            Track Incident Impact with Dashboards

            • See trends in your incident data to report on safety metrics and program efficacy.

            • Leverage data-driven insights to take action on incidents and ensure a safe workplace for your team.

            Learn Why Departments Run on ThinkLP

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