Case Management

Easily track, document, and investigate incidents across your organization. Case Management from ThinkLP streamlines and automates the entire process, from capture to resolution.

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Everything you need to streamline your operation 

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Case Entry

  • Capture intelligence from anywhere and track every case, incident, investigation, and accident all in one central system.
  • Leverage pre-made templates or build custom case forms. Customize workflows from intake to closure. No developer required — easily configure the loss prevention case management system with drag-and-drop page builders.
  • Capture more incidents with user friendly and efficient mobile and web case entry forms.

Investigating Cases & Gathering Evidence

  • Collaborate to solve cases and resolve incidents faster. Easily upload photos, documents, and videos to incidents. Attach notes to streamline investigations and align the entire team.
  • Gather evidence through anonymous report entry, reporting, phone and text entry, and more.
  • Keep track of changes to investigation records over time to ensure clean data and reports.
  • Assign tasks to drive action across teams and move cases forward.
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Linking Cases & Submitting to Law Enforcement

  • Find links to solve and prevent organized crime faster than ever. Get a complete picture for complex investigations, tying together suspects, vehicles, boosters, fences, and other evidence.
  • Automatically surface potentially related cases when entering a case so the team can find links and relationships quickly.
  • Generating evidence documents for law enforcement easily with pre-formatted exports, accelerating crime resolution and prevention.

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Incidents & Accidents

  • Track critical incidents and injury reports to keep the team safe. Allow every location to file incident reports directly into the platform, or auto-import from insurance carriers and TPA’s.
  • Follow automated processes to trigger Root Cause Analysis forms and capture feedback, set follow-up talks, and report on findings in real-time to drive continual safety improvement.
  • Set up heat maps and alerts to warn locations of natural disasters or other incidents nearby, ensuring employee safety.
  • Automate regulatory filings with ThinkLP’s OSHA module, making generating and submitting reports as easy as a few clicks.
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Workflow Automation & Approvals

  • Run your entire team on a single platform. Centrally manage and monitor the approval processes, defining the required workflow patterns, and view outstanding approval requests in one place.
  • Automate workflow processes and verify operations are functioning according to plan. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and shift focus to protecting people and profit.

Run Your Civil Recovery and Restitution Program and Conduct Root Cause Analysis

  • Follow configurable, automated process rules to trigger root cause analysis forms to be completed based on criteria you determine.
  • Capture the feedback, set follow-up tasks, and report on your findings in real time.
  • Fully automate and manage an entire recovery and restitution management program.
  • Automatically generate notices to customers, track payments, and schedule reminders to manage an end-to-end recovery program inside ThinkLP.
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The case management product from ThinkLP is amazing. It allows for a lot of detailed options and makes it very easy to add items. We can have as much or as little detail as we want. We can attach notes, pictures, and any evidence from a case, while it also tracks restitution payments. The case management product basically tells the whole story of a case. It has everything we need.

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