Exception-Based Reporting & Total Loss Analytics

Understand the story your POS, inventory, and eCommerce data is trying to tell you with Exception-Based Reporting (EBR) and prescriptive analytics tools.


Industry Leading Reporting, Dashboards, and AI-powered Insights 

Exception Reporting

  • Advanced Exception-Based Reporting (EBR) and prescriptive analytics make it simple to identify trends, whether by using pre-established rules or tailoring your own to suit your unique business requirements.
  • Review and evaluate your ruleset with the same tools used to create it: developing rules that work to generate the best return for your organization and transform valuable data insights into action.
  • Identify patterns in your data, then assign and track prescriptive actions directly to your investigations workflow.


    Point-of-Sale Exceptions

    • Detect and review suspicious patterns in your point-of-sale data effortlessly. ThinkLP’s data exploration tools make working with transaction log data intuitive.
    • Allow your investigators to filter and explore transactions in the same system where they conduct their investigations with the Transaction Finder, seeing transactions in a familiar fashion, making it easy to interact with and explore transaction logs for signs of loss events.

      Inventory Analytics

      • Link your inventory data with our analytics tools to understand trends and events throughout your supply chain.
      • Build engaging and dynamic custom dashboards that let your teams collaborate and notice trends in inventory shrink.
      • Develop a more complete understanding of loss events in your organization by improving shrink visibility and linking inventory loss to other datasets in your business.

      Transactional Analytics

      • Understand and act on data from all of your retail channels, by analyzing your eCommerce transactions alongside your point-of-sale and other sources of data, all within ThinkLP’s Analytics toolset.
      • Easily share visualizations that let you understand omnichannel trends, and associate that with general trends in your business.
      • Build prescriptive analytics rules that automatically identify return fraud and link the transaction records immediately to your investigative cases.

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      “The exception reporting and analytics are very good. Once you understand how to create alert definitions, it is very powerful. Alerts are triggered and I can go into a location and see if that location has had a lot of incidents and look at specific employee histories to see if there have been past issues with missing money, for example.”

      Top Canadian Apparel Retailer

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      Loss Prevention Analytics

      Data Visualization

      • ThinkLP’s Analytics package provides your team with stunning responsive and dynamic dashboards, which you can easily customize with countless graphing options for each of your datasets.
      • Bring your case, audit, loss, performance, and other datasets together to create a singular view of your metrics and performance. Easily collaborate with your teams on your dashboards, and share your dashboards with your corporate, departmental, regional, and location team members in the places where they work.
      • Explore your data within your visualizations by drilling down on interactive elements to find new insights.

        Artificial Intelligence

        • Have powerful machine learning algorithms at your fingertips! ThinkLP’s analytics builds predictive models using advanced statistical models to help identify (causal) relationships within your data.
        • Easily understand the results of these algorithms through automated data-discovery tools that convey their results in easy-to-understand natural language stories.
        • As you accumulate more data, these models will automatically update increasing the value of the insights gained from your data.

        Performance Reporting

        • Gain powerful insights into store and employee performance across metrics identified and visualized in powerful dashboards. Embed your dashboards on your home screen to put insightful analytics directly in your day-to-day workflow.
        • Create custom dashboard templates that enable you to view trends from all of your sources of data, bringing together transaction logs, audit compliance data, case history, alert history, eCommerce transaction history, alarms, and more.

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