Smart Audit

Drive compliance and conduct audits, from any device, at any time, from simple checklists to complex assessments.

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Go beyond simple checklists

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Compliance Audits

  • Manage and conduct all aspects of your audit program.
  • Create and schedule your audits using custom audit templates in multiple languages.
  • Leverage a wide range of question types and scoring methods, built to suit the needs of LP, AP, and Safety professionals.
  • Collect signatures directly on your smartphone or tablet as you conduct the audit.
  • Review and aggregate results immediately, follow corrective actions through completion, review trends, and refine your audit program.

Remote Audits

  • Conduct and collect audits remotely. Assign audits and action plans to any employee.
  • Consolidate and review trends through intuitive reports and dashboards, and assign and track corrective actions based on question responses.
  • ThinkLP users have access to their audits from laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.
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Store Audits & Self-Assessments

  • Assign audits to individual stores and employees, whether as part of your program or on an as-needed basis. Review results through interactive dashboards to see compliance trends at any level of the organization.
  • Equip locations and employees to complete audits through a customizable and secure store portal.
  • Easily compare corporate, field, and store self-assessment audits with all results recorded in a centralized system.

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“The audit management tool from ThinkLP is super dynamic and lets you ask lots of questions that may be conditional. That level of detail is something that you cannot necessarily get in a lot of other platforms, including some of the most well known and survey platforms, for example.”

American Auto Retailer


Scoring & Action Plans

  • Take advantage of a flexible and powerful question-scoring system, making use of a wide variety of question types and options. Define how individual questions are scored and how compliance levels are reported.
  • Leverage complex question logic, add dependencies to questions, mark questions as critical, category-based scoring, threshold scoring, and more to get the most out of your audit program.
  • Identified something in an audit that needs correction? Automatically or manually assign tasks based on question responses to your audit templates, linked to staff and locations, and set due dates. After you’ve
  • assigned actions, easily track and review open actions for locations and employees.
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Audit Scheduling & Accountability

  • Automate key aspects of your audit program by scheduling and assigning audits through our flexible and powerful Mass Audit Generator.
  • With configurable record pages for locations, employees, and audits, you can review completion rates and follow-up actions in ways that are easiest for your business.
  • See the bigger picture with historical tracking on audit completion rates, scoring, and task tracking for every location.

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