Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and Other Complex Investigations

Use ThinkLP’s Complex Investigations module for efficient case linking and effective case resolution.

Build, link, and solve complex cases more efficiently with ThinkLP’s central intelligence platform. Create comprehensive reports to track crime and submit evidence to law enforcement.

Link Cases and Alert Communities

  • Link incidents across your locations to understand potential ORC.
    • Notify other locations of malicious activity and issue BOLO alerts.
      • Use insights to improve security measures and surveillance tactics across all locations.

      “ThinkLP helped us track organized crime sprees throughout Edmonton and Calgary. Thanks to the incident tracking and case management functionality in ThinkLP, we were able to track over 32 palates of liquor stolen, which represents about $350K that we successfully recovered over the course of a year.”

      — Canadian F&B Retailer

      Build a Thorough Case for Law Enforcement

      • Separate traditional shoplifting incidents from repeat offenders and ORC groups to ensure proper aggregation of charges.
        • Create maps for investigations, including targeted locations, suspect addresses, storage units, and more. 
          • Generate a timeline of activity for prosecution. 
            • Efficiently collect all evidence, including photos, videos, and other documents. 
              • Collaborate on a downloadable ORC case to send to law enforcement.

              Report on Incidents Captured to Demonstrate Your Team’s Efficacy

              • Generate dashboards and reports on items such as the number of arrests, cases by product type, or cases involving an ecommerce site.

              • Compare and contrast your investigators based on the duration of cases, activities conducted, or the total value of closed investigations.

              Learn Why Departments Run on ThinkLP

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