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  • Opening and Closing Checklist Creation
  • Store Visit Audits
  • Internal and External Theft Case Creation
  • Discount and Void Abuse Detection
  • Returns Fraud
  • Total Retail Lost Overview and Metrics
  • Warehouse Safety Management
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“The key benefit is that ThinkLP is giving us a centralized view of things that we’ve never been able to see before. Instead of information being siloed in different areas and different departments, ThinkLP is now providing us with a cross-functional view.”

— Fortune 500 Sporting Goods Retailer
  • Food Safety Inspection Tracking
  • Food-Borne Illness Reporting
  • Cleaning Checklist Creation
  • Customer Injury Forms
  • OSHA / Workers Comp Integration

“ThinkLP is an incredibly flexible and highly configurable solution too. I have been amazed at how easily I can generate custom reports and dashboards in ThinkLP. I am an old guy that is not particularly tech savvy, so if I can make custom dashboards, others really can.”

— American Grocery Chain
icon_restaurantRestaurant & Food Services
  • Opening and Closing Checklist Creation
  • Cleaning Checklist Creation
  • Food Safety Inspection / Expired Product Tracking
  • Food-Borne Illness Reporting
  • Product Recall Tracking

and other companies in the Food Services Sector

“The strength of ThinkLP’s case management product is that it allows you to do reporting on anything. The case management product also has a powerful dynamic dashboard rather than a static dashboard that never changes. The integrations and customizations we can do in ThinkLP are also big strengths. The sheer number of cases we are able to process with ThinkLP is much more than we would be able to do otherwise.”

— American Food Service Company
  • Drug Loss Tracking
  • Prescription Forgery Tracking
  • Pharmacy Regulatory Agency & DEA Interaction
  • Prescriber Management and Pharmacy Compliance Audit
  • Opioid Tracing and Disposal Program Management
  • Controlled Substance Monitoring

“The benefits of ThinkLP come from the time saved and improved quality of investigations. With ThinkLP, we have better tracking of documentation and better visibility on cases being opened and closed.”

— Fortune 500 Drugstore
icon_supplychainSupply Chain & Distribution
  • Accident Tracking
  • Product Loss Tracking
  • Driver Safety Audits
  • Truck Seal Audits
  • SKU Cycle Count Audits
  • Certification Audits & Management
  • OSHA & Workers Comp Reporting
  • Inventory & eCommerce Exception Reporting
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and other companies in the Distribution Sector

“I would recommend ThinkLP because they have continued to grow and evolve over time. ThinkLP has a sense of loyalty to their clients and have consistently engaged with the loss prevention industry.”

— Canadian Retailer

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