Loss Prevention /
Asset Protection

Manage your LP / AP department in a whole new way with ThinkLP. Say goodbye to speadsheets and aggregating data across disparate systems

Our fully-integrated, highly configurable system helps you bring all your loss data into a central view, from which you can gain insight into your LP / AP operation, report on trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Crime Investigation, Evidence Collection and Security Enhancement

  • Capture internal theft, robbery, burglary, and ORC incidents via mobile and desktop devices. Collect evidence through anonymous reports, hotline integration, and phone or text entries.
    • Leverage our pre-made templates or build custom case forms.
      • Collaborate on cases and track stages of open investigations to determine next steps and efficiently build a case for law enforcement.
        • Leverage video integrations to collect point-in-time evidence and build your case more efficiently.

        Track and Manage Other Loss Incidents

        • Set up heat maps and alerts to warn about nearby natural disasters or incidents, and ensure employee safety is recorded.
          • Record product loss in the warehouse and across the supply chain.

          Link Cases and Submit to Law Enforcement

          • Find links to solve and prevent crime faster.
            • Store all your case intelligence in ThinkLP to easily send your case files and engage law enforcement to help solve and prevent crime.

            “Positive ROI is driven by internal improved case productivity, increased automated predictive analytics, and a digital platform for loss prevention. Basically, thanks to ThinkLP, we are able to more efficiently close out a larger volume of investigations that are higher dollar cases.”

            – Party Supply Retailer

            Detect Risks in Your Data to Avert Incidents

            • Set up alert rules to automatically detect concerning behavior through POS data, HR data, inventory data, and more.
              • Decide which team members should be notified depending on the alert and automatically create an action plan.

              Ensure the Right LP / AP Team Members are Notified at the Right Time

              • Define workflow stages and generate tasks to manage and monitor your approval processes.
                • Set up alerts to keep your team informed and focused, avoiding data overload.

                  Measure Shrinkage and Total Retail Loss

                  • Leverage POS, SKU and inventory, ecommerce, location, employee, claims, and other data to create the most comprehensive view of loss.

                  • Use this comprehensive view to ensure you’re seeing ROI on your LP / AP efforts and you’re focused where losses are the most significant.

                  Predict Loss

                  • Use advanced AI to forecast the effects of security investments on shrinkage, so you can make informed decisions based on principal loss-driving factors.
                  • Understand the different factors impacting loss and get recommendations on actions for each of your locations.

                  Learn Why Departments Run on ThinkLP

                  Reach out to us for client references so you can learn more about how ThinkLP can help your organization!