Kum & Go Adapts to Changing Business Needs with ThinkLP’s Business Intelligence Platform 

About Kum & Go

Established in Hampton, Iowa in 1959, Kum & Go is a family-owned convenience store chain focusing on exceptional service and delivering more than customers expect. 

For over 60 years, the company has also been dedicated to the communities it serves, sharing ten percent of its profits with charitable causes. Today, Kum & Go is still a family-owned operation and is committed to a high level of quality, sustainability in their products, and giving back to their communities. The team has over 5000 associated across 400 stores in 11 different states. Kum & Go donates 10% of profits back to their communities. They donate food, serve meals, build houses, and support local schools.

Adapting to Changing Needs with ThinkLP

As an innovator within the convenience store industry facing a unique combination of challenges, Kum & Go needed an innovative tool to adapt to their changing business needs. Despite being a growing company, some internal processes were more ad hoc in nature and did not fulfill the reporting and sharing capabilities that the corporation needed to make strategic decisions. Kum & Go strived to streamline their processes, making it easier for individual locations to report and adapt to business needs.

Streamlined Law Enforcement Video Requests

There were several tasks that would monopolize store personnel and management time, energy, and focus, but a particularly common and time-consuming task involved fulfilling video surveillance requests for law enforcement, which could be a significant number at any one time. Prior to ThinkLP, local law enforcement would have to come into Kum & Go stores, speak with personnel, meet with a manager, who would relay relevant information and requests to corporate, and the request would trickle back down to local law enforcement. ThinkLP has streamlined this process and created access to a guest-user portal, to which local law enforcement can easily request video access. This process reduces the risk of evidence getting lost and tightens the chain of custody on evidence, increases case resolution, and prevent requests from getting delayed, lost, or forgotten. In addition, Kum & Go has complete visibility throughout the entire process.

Gift Card Phone Scams

Everyone who carries any type of prepaid card or gift card has fallen victim to phone scams and Kum & Go is no exception. When this type of scam happens, it is imperative to make notifications quickly to try and devalue the funds before these gift cards are fraudulently redeemed. Many of these scams occur during evening and overnight shifts as the bad actors know this gives them more time. By using ThinkLP, the Kum & Go team has created an automatic submission from the store level directly to their third-party provider. This has allowed for a quicker turnaround and a reduction in losses.

Fuel Team – Customer Fuel Guarantee

Kum & Go’s guarantee is that their fuels will not harm your engine when properly used. They have leveraged ThinkLP for customers to be able to report any fuel related issues right from their web page. In effect, when customers report a concern, they are now able to put the information directly into the ThinkLP incident portal. The customer immediately receives a confirmation email with a case number for future reference, and they are contacted by a third-party administrator. Besides allowing for easy virtual submission this also provides immediate visibility, in the event the Kum & Go team needs to bag off fuel at a particular location. This also provides data to track trends, costs, and to seek reimbursement.

Business Intelligence Platform

ThinkLP is more than just case management or audit software. Initially, it was used exclusively by the Kum & Go loss prevention team, but is now integrated to more parts of the entire organization. Kum & Go loves finding new ways for ThinkLP to simplify, streamline, and improve the way information is gathered, shared, and stored! Kum & Go stores can now easily report weekly lottery ticket sales and audit any of these reports through ThinkLP and automate email alerts to ensure the right people get the information they need to make informed decisions and track trends. They are excited to now be moving the license and permit team over to ThinkLP. Ultimately at Kum & Go, the dedicated team continues to seek opportunities to take challenges out of the stores and standardize processes. ThinkLP has allowed us to do just that and to continue to innovate and expand on the intelligent platform.

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