The Loss & Safety Intelligence Platform

Join thousands of leading loss prevention (LP), risk, and safety professionals protecting people and profit on ThinkLP. 


Run your entire department and centralize your data


Tackle shrink with the most flexible case and incident management

Enter Incidents & Accidents

Capture intelligence from anywhere and track all your cases, incidents, investigations, and accidents all in one central location.

Link ORC incidents & Submit to Law Enforcement

Build comprehensive evidence and collaborate on finding links to solve and prevent crime faster than ever.

Investigate Cases

Gather evidence and collaborate with your internal team or law enforcement to solve cases faster.

Flexible Data Capture

Capture incident reports from anywhere: stores, web, mobile, hotlines, exception reporting, text messages, and more


Comprehensive Audits with Built-in Automations and Actions

Drive compliance and conduct audits using desktop or mobile apps, from simple checklists to complex assessments.

Compliance Audits

Manage and conduct all aspects of your compliance program using ThinkLP’s intelligent audit platform.

Dynamic Assignment

Assign audits to specific locations and employees, whether as part of your program or on an as-needed basis.

OSHA Compliance

Stay up-to-date with OSHA requirements and ensure your team captures the right data to maintain compliance.

Score & Action Plans

Embrace a flexible and powerful question scoring system, driving actions based on audit responses.


Bring Your POS, E-Commerce, Inventory, And Other Big Data to Life!

Exception-based reporting (EBR) and predictive analytics help you understand the the full picture of factors contributing to total retail loss.

Exception Reporting

Real-time data analysis and  alerts based on our best-in-class AI models.

Inventory Analytics

Connect your inventory data with ThinkLP and our analytics tools to get a better sense of trends and events across your business.

Point-of-Sale Exceptions

Detect, review, and receive real-time alerts on suspicious patterns in your transaction data.

Omnichannel Loss Data

Connect and integrate data from any source to build a comprehensive, single view into retail loss.


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Trusted by Fortune 100 teams


“Since 2017, we have had the mindset of moving everything we do in the asset protection department into ThinkLP to create a single tool to send people towards instead of relying on a fragmented set of point solutions. We have already migrated several processes onto ThinkLP.”

Fortune 50 Apparel Retailer



120+ Countries

ThinkLP is used in over 120 countries and is trusted by AP, LP, and security industry leaders around the world.

Time Savings

96% of our Clients Affirm that ThinkLP has revolutionized their operations by automating time-consuming processes and delivering valuable reports and insights.

150K+ Incidents

Over 150,000 incidents are entered on the ThinkLP platform each day.


ThinkLP’s central platform aligns your entire team with our industry-leading solutions.

Risk & Safety

Proactively promote safety practices. Capture multi-site incidents, send natural disaster alerts, build business continuity plans, and more on the ThinkLP platform.

Organized Retail Crime

Investigate and solve complex cases with ThinkLP’s ORC tools. Run your ORC investigations and engage with Law Enforcement to solve and prevent crime.

Human Resources (HR)

Easily manage your HR department on the ThinkLP Platform with HR cases, background checks, employee training, HR dashboards, and more.

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