Awesome Mobile Analytics for Loss Prevention

Introducing the only Loss Prevention Analytics and Exception Reporting software flexible enough to work exactly the way you do. Do more with your data, get immediate results, take action instantly, and work from any device. Let's supercharge your Loss Prevention team with amazing, extremely flexible, and surprisingly affordable loss prevention analytics software.


Unbelievably Awesome Data Visualizations

You have to see ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics to believe it. The most beautiful dashboards, stunning animated visualizations, instantly-responsive drilldowns, countless graphing options, with the ability to create your own dashboards and data views across any dataset you wish. You’re going to love it.

Pattern Matching Alert Rules

Monitor your transactions for specific patterns and create alerts for your users on a schedule you determine. Leverage built-in patterns or build your own, and instantly preview your alert pattern results to ensure you get what you expected.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescribe corrective actions and behaviors directly to stakeholders when patterns are identified and alerts are created. Go beyond sending reports and provide specific instructions and best practices on how to properly complete processes and correct behavior.

(Optionally) No Arbitrary Thresholds

Some exception reporting (EBR) and data analytics software providers define preset thresholds that arbitrarily allow fraudulent transactions to go undetected. Leverage ThinkLP’s Machine Learning capabilities to identify patterns of behavior that would otherwise go undetected.

Directional Analytics

Alerts are risk-ranked and prioritized so your team can concentrate on the highest value opportunities. The question of “When my LPM pulls out of the driveway, does she turn left or right” has finally been answered, and is even displayed in your ThinkLP mobile app.

Collaborative Analytics

Analyzing your Big Data datasets by yourself is fun, but it’s a party when you’re collaborating with your co-workers. Instantly annotate your Analytics dashboards, make comments, offer recommendations, and take action — all in your single ThinkLP loss prevention platform.

Mobile Loss Prevention Analytics

Standing in a store and need to ask your data a question? Grab your ThinkLP Analytics app and instantly drill into your truly Big Data to ask any question like “which employee in this store has the most non-scanned cash refunds?” — and see the results instantly displayed with graphical summaries and row-level detail. #Amazing.

One-Click Case Creation

See an alert you want to investigate? Find a pattern of transactions using the animated data visualization tools that you think is suspicious? Easily click “New Investigation” and you immediately start leveraging the awesome and fully-integrated ThinkLP Case Management software.

Geographic Map Reporting

Need to plot your analysis on a map? Easy. You can do that with a click and a drag. Any data, any country, any state. It’s simply stunning.

Predictive Analytics & Predictive Shrink Models

Data science does not have to be rocket science. With all your data stored in ThinkLP, you can easily create and run your own Predictive Analytics and Predictive Shrink Models. With one click you can save your model predictions and compare them to actuals when the actuals are available. ThinkLP has taken the mystery out of Predictive Analytics and finally provided the Loss Prevention industry with a truly amazing new set of capabilities that you don’t need a team of PhD’s to operate (but if you have them you can have even more fun)!

Truly Big Data

Hundreds of millions of transactions analyzed in a second, literally. Most people talk about big data, but ThinkLP is Real Big Data. Instantly visualize your data any way you wish with beautiful animations. ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics is truly Big Data at a truly Small Price.

View Employee Alert History

With one click from anywhere in the application you can view an alert, case, audit and everything-else history for an employee. See their transaction analysis and row-level transaction details all on one screen. It’s never been more easy.

Your One-Stop Loss Prevention Shop

ThinkLP is your one-stop shop that allows you to keep all your information in one place: Locations, Employees, Incidents, Accidents, Shrink Results, Sales, Audit Compliance, Turnover, Physical Security, Learning Results, Exception Reportings, Transaction Logs, and so much more. The more information you consolidate in ThinkLP, the more value you’ll derive and fun you’ll have.

Incredibly Affordable

ThinkLP is incredibly affordable. We’re constantly listening and delivering awesome new features with a rapid rate of innovation. We’ve created a revolution in the Loss Prevention software market and we hope you’ll join us — ThinkLP is by far the most comprehensive and flexible Loss Prevention platform at an incredibly affordable price.

True Machine Learning

Leveraging true machine learning algorithms, ThinkLP automatically builds models specific to your business and keeps your models up to date with new data to ensure continually improving predictive model accuracy.

No False Positives

Patterns are consistently updated using Machine Learning and advanced mathematics to always zero in on the largest (or smallest) issues, reducing the number and increasing the value of the alerts you generate.

Easy to Deploy

You can be operational with ThinkLP in days, not weeks or months. With countless dashboards, data views, patterns and alert rules already built you can leverage functionality out-of-the-box, or easily create and configure everything to match your exact processes and visualization needs.

Limited Need for IT Involvement

ThinkLP is entirely cloud-based, and beyond sending us data ThinkLP can be entirely managed without IT involvement if necessary. If you do have IT resource availability, there is no limit to the number of cool things you can accomplish with the most amazing Loss Prevention software platform.


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