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Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love ThinkLP


Different Departments Can Work Together

Silos are productivity killers. Adopting a cloud solution allows different departments to have a security-controlled singular view of your operational data and make decisions together. Streamlined communications and collaboration has never been easier.


Your Data will be in One Place

Everyone has an Excel spreadsheet to track just about everything, resulting in a lack of transparency, reduced productivity, and version control nightmares. ThinkLP allows you to track your data in the cloud, freeing your data to be seen by those who need it, when they need it.


Your Field Team Will Love It

Have you ever found yourself looking for an answer after the head office closed for the day? Or needed to find out everything you could about a store just minutes before arriving at the store? Or wanted to see the performance history of stores for a specific store manager before conducting a coaching session? These are just some of the hundreds of reasons your field team will be better equipped and fall in love with ThinkLP.


Executive Dashboards and Reporting have never been so Beautiful

We all have bosses who like pretty graphs and numbers. Now you can liberate your results to be seen in beautiful reports with drill-down capabilities to provide just the right information to the right people whenever they want. And users can create and modify their reports easily to enable your knowledge workers to actually create and discover knowledge.


You’ll Save Lots of Time

Auto-distribute your reports. Allow stores to enter their incident reports online. Let your users customize their own reports. Enable social collaboration amongst team members to resolve investigations faster. Share knowledge and share documents amongst your teams. Reduce your e-mail and phone calls. Centralize your entire groups task list. ThinkLP simply makes everyone more efficient.


Your Cloud can change when you want it to

With incredible configuration options and point-and-click simplicity, you’re able to rapidly adapt your ThinkLP cloud to new and changing business demands. You’re able to add new fields to your case forms, change your workflow rules and e-mail notifications, create reports, track new operational metrics, and so much more – in minutes.


Your Distributed Team Feels a Lot Less Distributed

Team members are located across the continent or the globe, and disconnects have led to unresolved issues and missed opportunities. The ThinkLP cloud helps you keep your people in sync by allowing them to see what people are working on, chat instantly online, share information and files in secure groups, and collaborate effectively. It’s like having everyone in one place without them being in one place.


You’ll Know What’s Happening and What’s Not Happening

Sometimes it’s important to know what’s going on – but sometimes it’s just as important to know what’s not going on. Create reports like “High-risk stores not visited in 90 days” and ensure you’re not going to be surprised.


It’ll Save you Money

The cost of the system is so affordable that the reduction of one employee injury or the resolution to one additional investigation offset the costs of your Cloud. You’ll also save money by increasing productivity, and replacing potentially multiple existing technology systems with one ThinkLP Cloud. Loss control is about being able to put the pieces together, and ThinkLP enables you to solve your business puzzle faster and easier than ever.


You’ll Look Good in the Cloud

Innovative leaders across the industry are adopting the ThinkLP cloud to solve their LP and Safety software platform needs. Join us and let’s innovate together.