Powering the Digital Transformation of Loss Prevention

Transforming how Loss Prevention Teams Work

Influential leaders operate concurrently at multiple levels: strategic, tactical, and practical. To accomplish anything of value, you need to know where you are going, how you will get there, and take the right steps to make it to your destination. The overarching strategy of loss prevention and the protection of people and profits has not changed in 2020, but the tactics certainly have. Technology drives shifts in business, and organizations that wish to succeed must seamlessly blend technology with a strategy to stay ahead.

ThinkLP is driving an industry transformation by providing infinitely configurable software solving the core challenges of operating a loss prevention team in the 21st century. In partnership with our industry-leading clients, ThinkLP has created an integrated loss prevention management system for modern LP teams. As a central nervous system, ThinkLP combines data from numerous systems and provides your team with a unified place to manage everything and accelerate team success.

ThinkLP includes multiple core elements:

Prescriptive Loss Prevention Analytics Exception reporting that surfaces potential sources of revenue and margin leakage across Point-of-Sale, Inventory, e-Commerce, and other sources of data.

Case, Incident, and Investigation Management Awesome industry-leading case, investigation, and incident management software.

Audit Management The most comprehensive compliance audit software available.

Department Management Consolidate and automate all your business processes on one centralized platform.

AI-powered Data Discovery With incredible data visualizations and automated machine learning, unlock the story of your data with automated data insights.

AI-powered ORC Case Matching Identify hidden links and visual connection diagrams automatically between various case reports.


ThinkLP software provides tactical and practical capabilities to empower your team to execute your strategy and changes as fast as you do. Significantly, ThinkLP is affordable and scales from small loss prevention teams to cross-departmental global rollouts at some of the world’s largest companies. We invite you to see ThinkLP for yourself and join other industry leaders driving digital transformations in their businesses.


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