The Ability to Pivot and Adapt in a Crisis Is Critical

Pivot and Adapt – COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness

Many of us had varying levels of emergency preparedness plans in place, however, when we came face to face with this crisis, things quickly changed. For most organizations, there were obstacles that we never anticipated. Most of us didn’t realize the enormous scale of what we were dealing with until we were in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to pivoting and adapting here at ThinkLP, we have been working with our clients to help manage this changing environment. Some issues many retailers are dealing with include; store closures, legislated operational changes, supply chain fluctuations, infected employees and customers, product hoarding, civil unrest, social distancing, opportunistic criminal activities, furloughed associates, and the list goes on. This new reality has exposed new challenges in our emergency planning. To make matters worse, change has come quickly, and companies have had to adapt with little or no warning.

Our customers have quickly come to rely on ThinkLP for their rapidly changing operations. Companies are leveraging the flexibility of the platform to react quickly and modify their monitoring, reporting & audits. They are employing innovative solutions including: COVID-19 infection tracking & heat maps, store closing checklists, social distancing audits, modified store reporting, civil unrest incidents, emergency alerts, cleanliness/sanitation audits, critical response team communications, critical supply shortage reports and much more. We are all facing this together and our clients are sharing ideas and helping each other in order to survive this crisis.

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ThinkLP is your Loss Prevention and Safety Case, Audit and Analytics Management Software platform helping organizations centralize their data and empower their teams. If you need assistance, want to share ideas or circulate challenges your team is facing, feel free to pick up the phone and connect with us. We are true partners of the industry and would love to help you as we face these uncertain times together!


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