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About Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds opened its first location in 1915 on Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Throughout its 100-year history, Helzberg Diamonds has been on a mission to spread love to as many people as possible! Helzberg Diamonds has expanded throughout the USA and has grown its online presence. Helzberg is an innovator in the retail jewelry industry, adapting to the modern trends, tastes, preferences of their clients, and offering many unique designs and jewelry from a variety of high-end designers.

Helzberg is creating a legacy of trust through high quality diamonds at an incredible price. With over 100 years of experience, Helzberg is looking to the future with innovative ideas including ordaining associates and leveraging AR technology.  



In 1967, when Barnett Helzberg Jr. proposed to his girlfriend Shirley Bush, the love he felt sparked a thought: Everyone should feel like this. Everyone should feel loved. This romantic notion inspired the now-iconic I AM LOVED lapel button featuring Helzberg Jr.’s own words, “Buy her a diamond or give her a button, but in any case, tell her she’s loved.” These pins are still available today at your local Helzberg Diamonds store!


Innovation in the Industry

As an innovator within the retail jewelry industry, the Helzberg Diamonds team realized they would need an innovative tool to meet the diverse needs of their adapting business. Prior to ThinkLP, the Helzberg team was using a combination of pen and paper and excel spreadsheets to manage cases, assets, audits, and loss prevention needs. Moving to ThinkLP was a dynamic move, made easier by ThinkLP who worked closely with the Helzberg team to develop and create the initial forms and bring Helzberg up to speed on the platform’s many capabilities. The Helzberg team found it was surprisingly easy to build out forms with the drag-and-drop functionality! Now there was no need for a third-party admin to manage their information, with ThinkLP it is easy to manage, adjust, and customize the platform to adapt to Helzberg’s changing business needs on the fly!

For Helzberg Diamonds, the most valuable and impactful tool ThinkLP offers is Process Builder – they use it for many different processes and aspects of their business. Process Builder is a point-and-click tool that allows you to easily automate numerous business processes. It uses criteria, triggers, and actions to configure and schedule processes that will automatically run and create records. These actions can be scheduled and notify specific people when processes are complete or send along information to the appropriate individuals based on permission sets that are established. By utilizing ThinkLP to track and implement processes, management can give instructions and corrections to individual stores to make informed business decisions, improvements to current systems, and reduce losses.


Alarm Automation

One example of such automated processes is with regards to resetting internal alarm codes. Previously, when there was personnel turnover and a location alarm code needed to be updated, it was a manual process initiated through an ad hoc internal process at each location. New alarm codes would be sent out to new hires and communicated to other relevant stakeholders, but it was not as safe nor as secure as it should be. ThinkLP automated this process by creating a form on the Helzberg Diamond org, from which a new alarm code can be automatically requested. Within ThinkLP, the alarm code can be internally cross-referenced against previously used codes to provide a unique code every time! 

Now, alarm code requests can be managed at the store level and sent for approvals within ThinkLP to the Helzberg Diamonds management team. This allows for simple and secure communication of changes to all relevant stakeholders and ensure codes aren’t re-used or compromised in any way. By taking this task off the LP team, it allows them to focus on more pressing matters that require their unique skillset, rather than spending time on purely administrative tasks.

In addition, ThinkLP’s store portal allows Helzberg managers and store personnel to submit forms related to inventory control, loss incidents, audits or business disruptions, and request items needed at the store level to effectively operate. One of their newest forms is related to key / core / lock requests. Although this form is still in its early stages, the team is working with ThinkLP to make it a streamlined and fool-proof process by attaching easy to understand PDFs so store personnel, whether experienced or new, can accurately make a request, which can be quickly addressed and issued to the appropriate personnel.


Pandemic Wins

The COVID-19 pandemic created many new challenges for retailers throughout the industry, including reduced resources, layoffs, and disruptions to the regular course of business. Despite a decrease in resources, the workload for the Helzberg LP team remained the same, if not increased, as they continued to meet ever-changing business challenges! By bringing on ThinkLP, the Helzberg team can now automate several processes to notify stakeholders, communicate information, submit forms, and report on key business metrics, all with a simple configuration and click of a button! Helzberg Diamonds can now seamlessly automate all communications within the LP department and with other department directors. For example, they are able to track store closures and the reason for the closure (i.e., civil disobedience, employee absences, COVID exposure or restrictions, inclement weather, etc.), and accurately place a financial value on the loss incurred over the closure. The live reporting metrics on the ThinkLP platform allows directors to view the locations that stay open, or are open for accommodated shopping (i.e., curb-side pickup).

These are just a few examples that demonstrate the ways an innovative retailer within the high-end jewelry business is using ThinkLP to solve their business challenges. Whether addressing regular business disruptions, such as various security needs, or adapting to unusual circumstances (such has those brought on by the COVID pandemic), ThinkLP has proven they are best positioned to address all of Helzberg Diamonds’ LP needs!

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