How to Automate your Loss Prevention Department with ThinkLP

When you think of a typical day working in the loss prevention field, there are emails to write and respond to, calls to make and receive, approvals to provide, reports to generate and read, tasks to track and get done, follow-ups to complete and advice to be sought and given. Many of these tasks are complex and require a high level of skill and adept handling, others are much more mundane and repetitive. The impact of these tasks including the repetitive activities are what allow departments to operate and succeed, although the downside is that many highly skilled loss prevention professionals only spend a small fraction of their workday doing what they do best: proactively enabling fraud prevention to minimize risk and loss to their organizations. The remainder of their day, often the majority of their day is spent being pulled away from these high value tasks into more administrative and repetitive, often while travelling and juggling numerous simultaneous fires.

ThinkLP Process Builder

The ThinkLP platform is designed to be a powerful yet easy-to-use software system that allows you to quickly automate your business processes. With the ThinkLP Process Builder you can automate a significant portion of your loss prevention support tasks and processes and unleash your valuable people to do what they do best. And because your processes are visually mapped out inside ThinkLP, it’s easy for your team to understand what happens and you can both optimize your processes and change them as circumstances change.

Move Faster

We see very successful teams have an admin that completely understands the business objectives and processes, and they strive to deliver operational excellence every day. With the ThinkLP process builder they’re able to visually and collaboratively work with their peers throughout the organization to automate just about any kind of business process so your loss prevention department can both proactively and reactively respond to your ever changing business needs.

There are countless automation scenarios, but some examples of business processes we see teams automating include:

  • New Store Managers: Have RLPM’s  proactively reach out to employees who have been promoted to store managers.
  • Training: Automatically assign training to associates within a store when a certain section of an audit fails.
  • Failed Audits: Automatically trigger a follow-up audit to be required within 4 weeks of a failed audit.
  • Manage your Investigations: Auto-create tasks and notifications based on incident and investigation stages, such as when a case exceeds a certain dollar value it automatically creates and assigns additional investigative tasks.
  • Approvals: Approve cases when they’re closed and flag them for submission to civil recovery business partners.

There is no limit to the number of different processes that could be automated — just about anything can trigger just about anything — and your admin can now easily build automations that help you move faster.

Innovate at Lightning Speed and Lower Cost

Empowering your team with automated workflows substantially increases team productivity. Loss Prevention teams using ThinkLP are seeing 20, 30, 40 and even 50% productivity improvements. One national client saw their case throughput quadruple with the same staff resources.

With our mobile and digital world it’s more important than ever to unify our efforts to operate at peak performance. With the ThinkLP platform and the visual process builder you’re finally able to easily automate repetitive workflow processes and unlock value and speed within your department. The ideas and opportunities are endless when you have an empowered team operating on the ThinkLP Loss Prevention and Audit Management platform.

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