Simply the Best Loss Prevention Software. Period.

“ThinkLP is the software I’ve always dreamed of having” is a common refrain we frequently hear from people. We created ThinkLP to empower loss prevention and safety professionals. It’s software and services that change as fast as they do. Our speed of innovation has disrupted the loss prevention industry, our vision and strategy has been rapidly embraced and shared by major companies worldwide, and we’re only just getting started. We hope you’ll join us. You’re going to love it.

Manage Everything in ThinkLP
Enable employees to enter incidents directly through the Incident Entry Portal
Easily stay on top of cases, see who’s doing what and ensure nothing falls through the cracks
View all your data and manage information on any device
Identify Issues Faster
Be alerted immediately when issues arise
See historical data anywhere
Spot trends sooner and take action to reduce losses
Accelerate Productivity
See All Your Data In One Place – Cases, Metrics, Physical Security details, Tasks, everything
Automatically Create & Assign Follow-up Actions
Eliminate unnecessary manual steps and get more work done by concentrating on the stuff that really matters
Make Insightful Decisions
Analyze Everything, group and filter your data the way you want, and get answers to the questions that drive your business
Reduce report building time by 90+%
Discuss your Analysis, post questions to your team and create an action-oriented, data-driven culture

We're just getting started

ThinkLP is leading-edge Loss Prevention & Safety Management software that provides unparalleled capabilities at a fraction of the cost of existing tools.