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Empowering for Success

ThinkLP imagines a world where there is zero retail crime and companies operate safely & effectively, ensuring all employees return home at the end of the day. We understand that each organization is unique in their business goals and available resources. That’s why at ThinkLP, we strive to meet your team where they are at and empower them to realize their vision for success. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box solution that is effective and easy to use, we certainly have that. But if you have dreams of doing more or coming up with innovative solutions to solve your unique business needs, we can help you build that!

“ThinkLP Client Services empowers our clients to manage and explore the power of the ThinkLP platform on their own,” says Randa Fernandes, Director of Client Services. “Through predefined training paths that provide a guided experience for system administrators, they can build processes and make changes in real-time, to fit their business needs.”

After implementation, our ThinkLP Support team is there to help clients in administrating their own environment. “Our team of analysts are available to help fill in the missing pieces with expert advice, troubleshooting, and guidance to bridge any gaps towards maintaining existing projects and completing new initiatives,” says Dharmesh Mistry, Client Success Manager. “Our goal is to help our clients become stronger with the platform and become the experts of their ThinkLP environment. Each time we help a client be successful, we’ve helped them understand more about their environment and more ways ThinkLP can adapt to solve their changing needs.”

The Tools Your Experts Need to Succeed

“Empowerment to us means you have control over your security, your environment, and your data,” explains Matthew VanderMeer, Director of Technology and Development. “We provide your experts with the tools to help them demonstrate their unique abilities within your environment. You are not locked into 6-month development cycles to build a new form or change options in a menu. Your data is your data without question, and you can export your data for any reason at any time.”

Empowering your team with the tools they need to be successful will result in increased confidence, improved teamwork, and sustainable outcomes. With ThinkLP’s comprehensive training and support combined with an incredibly powerful and customizable system, teams are able to solve cases faster, uncover hidden fraud, and surface undetected margin erosion to deliver real business value across the organization.

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