One-Stop Location Profiles

Track everything about a store

Never walk into your store blind. Everything you know about the store will be included on your store profile, totally configurable by you. Stop using a dozen Excel files to track different store attributes, and start using the power of the one-stop ThinkLP platform to consolidate all your intelligence in one place.

View your Store Dashboard

View a graphical overview of your store performance all on one screen. Integrate financial and other KPI’s for a one-stop view of store performance. Drag-and-drop your store insights dashboard directly onto your store profile, and highlight trends and areas of concern.

Physical Security Detail Tracking

Upload and manage all the physical security assets installed within your locations including cameras, alarms, EAS, safes, guard programs, and any other physical security details you’d like to track and report.

Run Your Department More Effectively

Departmental Wins

Want to demonstrate “what have you done for me lately”? Track wins within the department and total up the value your department is contributing to the success of the organization.

Budget & Expense Tracker

Track your expenses and budget within the department, that way you can have real-life information. 

Task Management

ThinkLP has task management linked to everything, so you can create and manage tasks associated with your cases, audits, stores, employees, and everything else in the platform. Manually create and assign tasks and even remember who you delegated what to. View your tasks on the web and your mobile device. Generate reports to see what’s done and what’s not done. Your team will be more productive than ever.

Approval Processes

Centrally manage and monitor your approval processes, defining the required workflow patterns and view your outstanding approval requests in one spot.

Visual Business Process Flows

Use the visual process builder to flow-map your business processes and make sure everything happens according to plan. Anything can trigger anything making this an incredibly powerful tool. Teams that implement ThinkLP report 20 to 50% productivity gains.

Project Tracking

Managing projects like physical security system overhauls in your stores? It’s time to start easily tracking and monitoring the details of each location with a ThinkLP project tracking tool.

Extra Tools for Crisis Management

Send Emergency Alerts

Send out mass communication to anyone within a radius of a location. Tornados. Hurricanes. Active Shooters. Armed Robberies. Send notifications immediately with one click.

Track Store Impacts during Incidents

Track the open-and-close status and other details on a per-location basis during an incident. Follow standard operating procedures when incidents occur and mass communicate task requirements to your incident captains.