4 trends shaping Loss Prevention department mobile apps

We’re in the middle of a major reinvention of how enterprises develop and deploy software. The manner by which back office data is accessed and how the front-office is interacting with everyone from suppliers, customers and co-workers is being completely reinvented. Enterprise employees are driving most of this change, demanding software and mobile apps that are as easy to use as equivalent consumer apps. The explosive growth of mobile apps in the enterprise is also finding its way into the Loss Prevention profession.

Trend #1: Massive demand for mobile access to data

Our goal in the LP industry is to reduce shrink and improve safety while increasing sales and customer service. This is no easy task, and the best insights and decisions are usually made while closest to our customers: “in the field”. By definition this requires us to be mobile, and having the same access to all the information we have while we’re at our corporate desk is essential in making us productive and valuable while travelling. We are demanding access to all our data, on any device we choose, regardless of location, while fully complying with stringent data security policies. This massive demand for mobile access to data will only increase over time.

Trend #2: Constant app improvements

Every mobile app has a version 1, but what’s most important is the speed by which improvements are made to the application. The most popular consumer apps are updated every week and by extension enterprise apps need to be constantly improving before they become useless or an impediment to productivity. At ThinkLP we deploy upgrades, invisible to our clients, each and every week. This is insanely powerful.

Trend #3: Business-user driven app customizations

Businesses and business strategies change rapidly. What was once an annual planning meeting is now done monthly. Ideas need to be translated from concept to reality in record time, and this does not allow for traditional complex software development cycles that take months and years to bear fruit. A modern loss prevention app platform allow for business users to deploy their own app customizations using point-and-click simplicity and deliver incredible value to their end users in record time.

Trend #4: Explosion of Actionable Data

The amount of data available to any loss prevention team has exploded in size over the last few years. There is now far more data than can possibly be consumed, and the opportunity is to harness the data and automate processes within the team to proactively reduce shrink and improve safety. The ability to be notified of a trend on your mobile device, tap to take action, and follow that action through completion on your mobile device is now a necessity among modern LP teams. Loss Prevention teams that do take advantage of these trends are seeing incredible success both in terms of value delivered to their organizations, but also in terms of their own personal objectives. Where to from here? The ThinkLP platform is built to empower loss prevention teams to take advantage of these major trends in the mobile app space. From accessing your sales and shrink data on your phone, initiating and managing cases, conducting audits on your tablets, collaborating with your team in a contextual environment on the device you choose, to having your workflow fully integrated into your mobile apps for lightning-fast access to all your processes in one place. The capability of having your own loss prevention mobile app specifically meeting your teams unique needs has now arrived. Let’s chat about how ThinkLP can help you harness the mobile loss prevention world.

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