Case File Tracking

Track all your cases, incidents and investigations in one central location. Customize your case details and track exactly what you need. Re-arrange your page layout simply using the drag-and-drop page editor. You can even quickly edit fields of your case just by double clicking the field. Different departments with different case file needs? No problem.

Customize your Fields

Create your own fields, customize dropdown options, set field visibility, and much more simply by using the admin tools. No more long development cycles to get exactly what you want.

Investigation History

Keep track of changes to the investigation records over time, and log these to keep a valuable data audit trail. Updates are also date/time and user stamped to ensure no data tampering occurs.

Civil Restitution Tracking

Track civil restitution files, payment history and collection activities directly in the tool, or choose to send case details to 3rd party restitution partners.