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'To be successful in today’s loss prevention world, you have to be able to see all 360 degrees of your business every second of every day.' - Todd Zimmerman, h.h.gregg

Founded by Henry Harold Gregg and his wife Fansy in 1955, the h.h.gregg brand is now recognized as one of the best appliance retailers in the U.S. – ranked highly for customer satisfaction and the quality of their product selection. Offering appliances, electronics, and furniture, the company has grown from an 800 square foot showroom and office to over 230 stores in 20 states.

With a strong desire to drive innovation across the organization, and facing increasingly complex loss issues, the Asset Protection team decided to chart a new path. Being limited by their existing LP software, Todd Zimmerman, National Asset Protection Manager, and his team sought one solution that was powerful enough to support their complex usage scenarios. Having found ThinkLP online, it was an easy decision to move to a platform that allows unlimited flexibly, is easy to use, and has full mobile support.

Prior to implementing ThinkLP, the team was using two case management systems – one for the Loss Prevention group, and one for the Human Resources group, managing worker compensation and employee relations. The two teams couldn’t see each other’s work, or easily access reports. Coupled with a lack of mobile support, the existing solution was impeding productivity.

Making the switch to ThinkLP was simple. Using a phased approach, a significant amount of historical data was migrated and multiple different sources of information are now consolidated on the ThinkLP platform. Now every group can manage their work, and based on their security profiles, can easily see each other’s data in one centralized place.

In support of Todd’s vision that “To be successful in today’s loss prevention world, you have to be able to see all 360 degrees of your business every second of every day”, the Asset Protection team never walks into a store blind. They can access historical case information and trend reports, and with a direct connection to the finance department, the specific loss categories and trends are displayed right on their mobile device, specific to the store.

Audits can be conducted with ease. Notes and photos are shared, and team members collaborate and share knowledge at lightning speed. Their data is now easily accessible, contextually relevant, and specifically actionable using any device a team member chooses.

The mobile capabilities have proven valuable in court too. During one particular hearing, Divisional Asset Protection Manager Willie Gatling was requested by the judge to provide a copy of a statement by a manager who was involved in the investigation. Unfortunately that was one document that was not brought to the courthouse that day, but Willie was able to use the ThinkLP app to access a digital copy of the statement on his smartphone. Afterwards the judge admitted the document into evidence and the hearing was ruled in favor of h.h.gregg.

ThinkLP also integrated with the hhgregg Intranet, allowing employees to complete forms and report incidents online. Information is provided to both the Asset Protection and HR groups with one touch, consolidating the business process, and improving efficiency by automating communications and reducing the need for follow-ups.

The Asset Protection team benefits from being significantly more productive and efficient, and employees can now spend more time focused on providing the superior customer experience that hhgregg is recognized for. Zimmerman summarizes it eloquently: “We use the ThinkLP platform because leading an Asset Protection team necessitates constant change and innovation.”


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