• Overview
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Audit Management
  • Mobile Features
  • Evidence & Attachments
  • Incident Reporting & Tips
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Metrics Tracking
  • Workers Comp & OSHA
  • Social Features
  • Department Management
  • Data Integration
  • Security

Awesome Loss Prevention Teams Run ThinkLP

Manage Everything in ThinkLP

Enable employees to enter incidents directly through the Incident Entry Portal
View all your data and manage all your information on any device
Easily stay on top of cases, see who’s doing what and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Identify Issues Faster

Be alerted immediately when issues arise
Spot trends sooner and take action to reduce losses
See historical data anywhere

Accelerate Productivity

See All Your Data In One Place – Cases, Metrics, Physical Security details, Tasks, everything
Automatically Create & Assign Follow-up Actions
Eliminate unnecessary manual steps and get more work done by concentrating on the stuff that really matters

Make Insightful Decisions

Analyze Everything, group and filter your data the way you want, and get answers to the questions that drive your business.
Reduce report building time by 90+%
Discuss your Analysis, post questions to your team and create an action-oriented, data-driven culture

Analytics & Reporting

Beautiful Dashboards

Powerful and customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your data. Subscribe to dashboard components to be updated when thresholds are crossed. Drilldown by any field to find the details you’re looking for.

Build Your Own Reports

Create reports you’ve always wanted, add highlights and graphs, publish reports with built-in drilldown capabilities, and do it all easily with point-and-click simplicity.

Location Map

View your locations on a Google Map, color coded according to shrink level. Click on a store to view outstanding investigations and case values, and track all activities associated with the location.

Custom Views

Easily create custom views of your data for quick access, such as “Recent Investigations” or “High Value Cases”. Customize the fields and filters used in the view, and keep the view private or publish it so others can take advantage of your genius.

Dashboards in your Inbox

Receive a snapshot of your dashboard automatically and never be caught with out-of-date information at your weekly 8am senior executive meeting again.

Case Management Features

Case File Tracking

Track all your cases, incidents and investigations in one central location. Customize your case details and track exactly what you need. Re-arrange your page layout simply using the drag-and-drop page editor. You can even quickly edit fields of your case just by double clicking the field. Different departments with different case file needs? No problem.

Customize your Fields

Create your own fields, customize dropdown options, set field visibility, and much more simply by using the admin tools. No more long development cycles to get exactly what you want.

Investigation History

Keep track of changes to the investigation records over time, and log these to keep a valuable data audit trail. Updates are also date/time and user stamped to ensure no data tampering occurs.

Civil Restitution Tracking

Track civil restitution files, payment history and collection activities directly in the tool, or choose to send case details to 3rd party restitution partners.

Audit Management Features

Conduct Audits Anywhere

Start, conduct and complete your audits from any device at any time. From simple 5-question store visits to complex 500+ question assessments, the ThinkLP Audit Platform has you completely covered so you can concentrate on improving compliance.

Executive Audit Dashboards

Compliance trends are immediately displayed on your dashboards and in all your reports. Leverage countless built-in reports, or build your own for specific reporting requirements. Share your dashboards and reports, make comments and share your thoughts on the trends and start collaborating with your team to improve operational excellence.

Geographical Audit Reporting

Save an enormous amount of time and money using the geographical audit reporting map. See where you have and have not conducted audits, where you’re planning on going next, and where your non-compliance trends are geographically located. Optimize your travel schedules, easily schedule nearby locations for audit, and start making audit travel far more efficient.

Manage Audit Templates

Create and modify your audit templates online. Add, modify and remove questions, set scoring options, and define the entire audit template easily using the audit template builder. Managing your audit templates has never been more easy and flexible.

Manage Corrective Actions

Automatically or manually assign corrective actions to your audit responses, assign responsibility and set due dates. Keep track of corrective action plan completion, and even review open actions when you’re conducting the next audit at the same location.

Store Audit Entry

Stores can complete their own audits and the results are automatically saved in the same ThinkLP platform. Now your store audit and field audit results are comparable and you can plan on auditing stores based on store assessment results.

Notifications and Workflow

Notify stakeholders immediately once the audit is complete. Include copies of their audit and attachments to keep them in the loop. Submit audits for approval, and schedule correction action plan follow-ups. Or choose to notify individuals that a specific question has failed so they can take immediate corrective action. Complex visual workflow made stunningly simple.

Multi-Department Support

Manage multiple audit programs with multiple departments, and start seeing your audit results all in one place. Start trending your audit results across functional units and support your locations and managers with the right resources more quickly to enable them to become compliant and succeed.

Fully Integrated

The ThinkLP audit program is fully integrated into the ThinkLP platform, so your users can use the same software and same mobile app. Your data is instantly available everywhere for reporting, analysis, notifications and action. Create dashboards with data from your entire ThinkLP cloud or view a timeline of events at a specific location: no more modularization, just one integrated platform.

Capture Signatures

If you need to capture a signature, just conduct the audit on your smartphone or tablet and have someone sign with their finger. Signatures are captured and stored as part of the audit record.

Scoring Flexibility

With lots of question types and question scoring options, you have enormous flexibility in how your audit is scored and compliance levels reported. Simple points and percentages to grading levels, critical questions, negative weighting, category scoring and more.

Geolocate your Location

Not sure what store number you’re about to audit? Simply tap the “Locate” button on the New Audit screen on your smartphone and the nearest location will automatically be selected for your audit.

Upload your Pictures

Walking around conducting an audit on your mobile device? Take a picture and have it automatically saved to your audit. Your pictures are immediately available online, and are printed with your audit results.

Customizable Audit Print Templates

We have beautiful printable audit templates built-in, but if you have a specific audit print layout in mind the template can be easily configured for your own purposes.

Mobile Features

Mobile Dashboards

View your dashboard and drilldown into your data right on your mobile device. Spot and act on trends immediately, and keep everyone informed of your analysis. Always have the most current summaries in your hand and be prepared to present your executive analytic summaries directly from your phone.

Manage Cases

Create and manage incidents directly on your phone or tablet. Attach pictures, make notes, create tasks, and manage the entire case lifecycle directly from your mobile device.

Attach Evidence

Take and upload photos, make comments, scan and attach documents, and do everything else you need to keep your case moving forward while you’re still on the road.

Store Walks

Conduct Store Walks on your mobile device, upload photos, and capture signatures if necessary. Never deal with pen & paper again.

Mobile Tasks

Stay productive by keeping all your tasks in one place, see what you’ve asked other people to do, and complete with one tap. New task notification alerts keep you informed when someone asks you to do something, and overdue tasks are quickly flagged.

LP on your Tablet

Transform your LP field team with iPad’s or other tablet devices and interact naturally while managing your entire LP function. Fully integrated in the cloud, when one user makes a change it’s immediately reflected throughout the system. Your beautiful ThinkLP platform can now display your beautiful loss prevention data and you’ll never walk into another store without your best and most current information.

Nearby Locations

Easily find locations near your current location so you can visit another store if you have an extra few minutes. Tap on any location pin to find detailed location information.

Approve On-The-Go

Stay productive while you’re out of the office: keep everything flowing smoothly with approve and reject capabilities tied directly to your data and your departmental workflow. Immediate alerts appear prompting for an approval, and you can keep your team all moving in the right direction.

Evidence & Attachments

Merchandise Tracking

Track all your merchandise theft details in the case records and then produce insightful reports based on your merchandise information. Reports could include: most stolen sku’s; most targeted departments; and most non-recoverable sku’s.

Supporting Evidence

Track and attach all supporting evidence for your investigations. Upload documents, pictures, or even videos – or to ensure your documents are all stored in one place you can even include a URL/Link to your DVR storage service. You can even categorize and describe your evidence for searching later.

Auto-Attach Web Pages as PDF Attachments

Now you can easily convert web page evidence from sites like E-Bay, Craigslist, Kijiji, Twitter and others directly to PDF’s and automatically attach them to your case investigations.

Incident Reporting & Tips

Incident Reporting

Allow store and other unauthenticated users to submit incident reports online including injuries, incidents, and other tips. Include as many or few fields of information as you’d like, and optionally include obtaining stolen/damaged product details.


Accept tips by Text-Messaging directly into your ThinkLP Case Management cloud. Conduct two-way recorded SMS conversations. Convert from a Tip to an investigation anytime you choose.

Notifications & Alerts

Visual Process Builder

Easily build streamlined or complex corporate processes using the Process Builder: automatically create tasks, send messages, submit work for approval or create new tasks for follow-up. Visualizing and managing your business processes has never been more easy.

SMS Text Message Alerts

Need to get the word out to your personnel in a hurry? Setup employees in the system with the “SMS Alerts” flag and a mobile phone number and you can easily send SMS Text Message notifications to them based on radius from a central location. You can see which locations and people will receive the SMS Alert before you send it, and each alert is tracked for historical reporting.

Automated Workflow Rules

Automate your organization’s standard processes: configure your workflow to automatically create tasks, e-mail alerts, and conduct data field updates. For example: Send an e-mail to senior management when a case reaches a certain dollar value, or create and assign a follow-up task on a case that hasn’t been updated in several days.

Metrics Tracking

Inventory Shrink Tracking

Track your inventory results for each location, link to your Location Map, and automatically create your target location list based on the results.

Shrink & Tenure Tracking

Easily summarize your metrics to provide business insight – like Shrink Rates compared to Store & District Manager Tenure lengths. Drive business performance improvement by partnering with your HR group and provide them the key metrics needed to make critical business decisions.

Shrink & Sales Metrics

Compare your Store Sales Volume and other metrics like Shrink to summarize both metrics in one spot. You can also create a scatter plot of Shrink & Sales and easily identify the outliers – those stores whose results don’t match everyone else – quickly identifying the low-hanging fruit to target for improvement.

Workers Comp & OSHA

Workers Comp Reporting

Just like LP Cases, Workers Comp Injury and Illness reports can be managed within ThinkLP. Configure your forms exactly the way you want them. Setup user security to provide more or less access depending on need. Manage the case from initial report through to completion, with automated reminders and configurable scheduled tasks.

OSHA Recordability Wizard

Follow the easy 10-step wizard to determine if your Workers Comp files are OSHA Recordable. All wizard results are automatically recorded for audit purposes.

OSHA 300 & 300A Reporting

Easily generate your OSHA 300 and 300A reports for each of your locations. Track your data like Total Hours Worked and Annual Average Number of Employees to make auto-generating your reports a breeze. Report on all your OSHA stats in your dashboards and reports.

OSHA Report History

Find all of your OSHA 300 and 300A reports in one place – on your Location detail page. Easily view, print or e-mail your forms.

Social Features

Social LP Team

Engage your team using social features, follow cases, dashboards, or other team members and be notified when something changes. Receive a daily activity summary e-mail to always stay connected and on-top of your world.

Follow Cases

Ever hear about a case and want to be kept in the know when something changes? If you have access to view the case, simply click the “Follow” link and you’ll receive automatic updates in your news feed and in your daily update e-mails when anything is updated in the case.

Share Insights Immediately

Post a snapshot of a dashboard component with your comments to your social LP news feed and provide insight to your entire team immediately.

File Sharing

Post all your great files in your Social LP community and share the information wealth. Secure files in private groups, and get comments and help from your team.

Daily E-Mail Summary

Stay on top of your LP activities by receiving a daily e-mail digest highlighting new cases, major changes, social conversations, and other activities.

Department Management

Task & Activity Tracking

Have a clear picture of your workload by tracking outstanding tasks and calendar events online, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks when there are changes of responsibility.

Approvals & Workflows

Centrally manage and monitor your approval processes, defining the required workflow patterns and view your outstanding approval requests in one spot.

Reward Tracking

Keep track of reward requests, approvals and payments for tip-givers and drive behavior with your ethics reporting program.

Data Integration

Import Existing Data

Import your existing case and other data into ThinkLP easily through the data import tool, or allow us to help you make sure everything is perfect. You can be up and running with all your historical data in no time.

Import HR Data

Populate the Employee records with data from your HR systems so that you’ll always have the latest employee information on file. Automatically import this data into cases by simply entering an employee number.

Monitor Automated Data Imports

Monitor the health of your automated data imports directly in the administration area, see how many records are being processed and click to view any issues with the data being processed.

World-Class Security

Enterprise Security

Industry-leading security to protect your most critical corporate data. Global Audit Compliance including ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and SysTrust. Geographical recognition including EU Safe Harbor, TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal, and Japan Privacy Seal. Security settings include: Customizable password rules, Active Identity Confirmation, and IP Range Restrictions.

Identity Verification

The first time a user attempts to access ThinkLP from a new computer they will be required to enter an activation code e-mailed to their account. This provides an increased level of security before being able to access your crucial LP data.

Fine-Grained Control

Security Profiles, User Roles, Page Controls, Encrypted Fields, Record Sharing options, and Field-Level Security settings provide you complete control over who can see what.