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Awesome Loss Prevention Software

Get more work done. Upgrade to your new ThinkLP Case, Audit, Metric & Department Management Cloud today.

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ThinkLP believes that managing Loss Prevention & Safety departments should be awesome, and we're dedicated to helping organizations of every size supercharge their LP & Safety teams with leading management software.

Core Features: Run your entire department on ThinkLP

Case Management

Track all your cases, incidents, investigations, accidents and claims in one central location. Build your forms with drag-and-drop simplicity, capture incidents from stores, and use automated workflow & notifications to streamline your processes.

Audit Awesomeness

Conduct audits on any device with the most full-featured audit software in the industry. Easily create and manage multiple audit programs, take pictures, track action plans, optimize your audit travel, and fall in love with audit simplicity.

Automated Alerts

Send e-mails automatically through easily configurable notification rules. Ensure immediate follow-up with auto-assigned tasks, and create time-based notification to make sure items don’t subsequently fall through the cracks.

Analytics & EBR

Truly Big Data with unbelievably awesome data visualization, exception reporting, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Do more with your data, get immediate results, take action instantly, and work from any device.

Civil Recovery

Track civil recovery & restitution files, payment history and collection activities directly in ThinkLP, or choose to send case details to your 3rd party restitution partners. Monitor recovery rates and maximize your returns.


Powerful and easily customizable dashboards provide an immediate performance snapshot. Include reports from all areas of your responsibilities: Incident trends, Metric results, Activity status, Compliance levels, Financial results, and more.

ThinkLP Mobile

Manage cases on your iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. Get a comprehensive view of your store performance with location details, notes, outstanding tasks, and operational metric summaries while you’re on the go.

Location Details

Record everything you know about each physical location and have it all available on one screen: store characteristics, physical security assets, CCTV and alarm details, employee information, historical incidents, and just about anything else.


Awesome Case Management and Audit Software

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ThinkLP clients can:

Streamline the reporting and management of incidents
Conduct compliance audits on any device
Consolidate Excel data into one reporting platform
Automate workflow within and between departments
Manage Civil Recovery & Restitution
View all data about a single location on a single page
Mobile-enable your field team with your own LP-app
Publish beautiful dashboards & reports automatically
Engage your entire team with knowledge sharing tools
Automate alerts when important events occur
And simply … get more work done



Mobile Everything:

Start and conduct your investigations from your favorite mobile device
View all information about a store or employee
Easily take pictures and upload attachments to your ThinkLP cloud
View and complete your tasks easily in one place
See your dashboard and project your analysis from your phone
Keep connected with recent activities through your news feed
View location-centric metric trends for contextual dialogue
Keep your information secure with multi-factor authentication
…and spend more time in the field and less time at your desk


Join our awesome clients. Let's get started. Together.

We’re friendly. Let’s take a few moments to talk about your department and how we may be able to help.

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ThinkLP Story

Whole New Ballgame

Every once in a while a new idea comes along that revolutionizes an industry. ThinkLP is leading-edge LP & Safety Management software that provides unparalleled capabilities at a fraction of the cost of existing tools. Join us, you’re going to love it.

Social. Mobile. Cloud.

The future of software is found in leveraging cloud computing resources to provide powerful, social and touch-enabled tools at a fraction of the price of typical enterprise software. ThinkLP is a whole new breed of LP & Safety Management technology.

Customer Happiness

We strive to provide the highest levels of customer happiness in the LP software industry. Engage in our online communities, ask for assistance, and become our friends. We want to liberate our users from the typical no-help-desks from other software makers and be happy about working with ThinkLP.

Clear and Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and transparent because we believe everyone is entitled to the best price we can offer. The ThinkLP cloud is reducing the cost of software for the LP & Safety industries. We don’t have sales people – just customers who love our software.


Rock Solid Security

LP departments handle valuable, private and sensitive data, and it must be protected with the best controls in the world. ThinkLP is hosted with enterprise-grade security and certified to global compliance standards. No other LP Case Management tools come close to our security capabilities.

No Investors, Just Customers

It’s impossible to serve two masters, which is why we choose to build our company without investors. We’re 100% dedicated to the success of our clients, because you pay our bills by purchasing our software. This simple but powerful idea drives us to create the best technology in the market.

Easy to Use

We designed our software to be simple and intuitive. It’s really easy to use and it just works – on the web, on your phone, or on your tablet device. This will improve your user adoption, and personal happiness.

Configurable Without Developers

Our goal was to create powerfully simple LP & Safety Management software, and we hope you love using it as much as we do. Every organization has unique needs, and ThinkLP provides for incredible customizations by our users without the need for developers. But we have them if you really need them.


Launch your ThinkLP Platform today


See why companies of all sizes are moving to ThinkLP to automate their Loss Prevention & Safety Departments.

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